Jobs, jobs, jobs (are they created by politicians?)

This morning I created 150,000 jobs. I put into motion a plan to support small business and fix healthcare.

Don’t believe me?

It turns out you shouldn’t believe the politicians either 다운로드.

It’s obvious that Obama is struggling with job creation. His main Republican opponents, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, are playing that against him 다운로드.

Both claim they created 1,000s of jobs while in office and are even pinning their campaign on it. They directly state that they are responsible for job creation:

They are not alone 자바스크립트 엑셀 다운로드. All politicians make this claim as if fixing potholes and firing teachers creates jobs. Of course, some of the best will try to convince you that cutting business taxes or creating a “friendly climate” is what it takes 현이와 신데렐라 다운로드.

The team over at Planet Money called foul and dedicated an entire podcast to it 마이크로소프트 비지오. It turns out that they have no influence on jobs.

They are just lucky and happen to be in office when growth happens.

You can bet that this jobs nonsense will continue all the way to the 2012 Presidential Elections 파이브 피트 다운로드. Don’t let yourself be fooled!