Happy Monday! 50 big name bankruptcies

I’ve got the Monday’s. What better way to celebrate than troll the bankruptcies. Did you know that Rembrandt lost it all in 1656 and so did Mark Twain in 1894 ?

Here is a list of the major brands that went under during the Great Recession (2008-11).

Of note, many of these companies are still alive, emerging from bankruptcy, or bought by another company.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Phoenix Coyotes
  3. Texas Rangers
  4. Michael Vick
  5. Bill Buckner
  6. Lenny Dykstra
  7. Stephen Baldwin
  8. Sinbad
  9. Trump Entertainment Resorts
  10. National Enquirer
  11. MGM Studios
  12. Round Table Pizza
  13. Yellow Pages
  14. Tropicana Casinos
  15. Sbarro’s
  16. Philadelphia Orchestra
  17. The Octuplet Family
  18. Active Ride Shop
  19. Air America Radio
  20. Six Flags
  21. Filene’s Basement
  22. Fatburger
  23. Samsonite
  24. The Walking Company
  25. Borders
  26. Hollywood Video
  27. Circuit City
  28. Washington Mutual
  29. Black Angus
  30. Hometown Buffet
  31. Mrs. Fields
  32. Ritz Camera
  33. Nortel
  34. Claim Jumper
  35. Loehmann’s
  36. Big 10 Tires
  37. Z Gallerie
  38. KB Toys
  39. Midway Video Games
  40. Anchor Blue
  41. Eddie Bauer
  42. Crabtree & Evelyn
  43. Golfer’s Wharehouse
  44. Ziff Davis
  45. Tribune Company
  46. Sharper Image
  47. Mervyns
  48. Madoff Investment Securities
  49. Linens ‘n Things
  50. Levitz Furniture
  51. Countrywide Financial
  52. Bearing Point
  53. Fuddruckers
  54. Marie Callender’s

Age in Relationships

I’m dating a woman a few years older than me. She is beautiful and perfect but in the world of male machismo this is a problem. I’m supposed to be older and wiser, instead I’m the puny non-breadwinner.

To fully understand this dilemma we have to explore sexism, in all it’s glory. Traditional relationships involve a male who is a few years older than the female. This leaves the lady to enjoy the benefits of a higher income and a mature man. The dude gets the younger lady and the ego boost of being wiser.

This totally leaves out gay couples, couples of the same age, and most likely a majority of the country. Which is kind of sad because this is our culture. So instead of gaining all this wisdom and help, it only serves to hamper and confuse us. Simply put, the U.S. culture is not made for me and I think we should amp it up and modernize it.

Particularly because I’m in the relationship of my life and I have no idea what to do. The lady has a few years on me and is at a different stage physically. For kids, her biology says it’s now or never, while I’ve got a few years to dilly-dally. Should I make her wait or pony-up early?

What about money, the ultimate relationship killer. I’m just coming out of my debt years thanks to college, a car, and haphazardly getting a mortgage. I’m doing fine now with all that paid off or turned into equity builders, but it still puts a strain on the relationship.

Studies say that even having debt in a relationship is a big deal. It creates an imbalance that hurts future money decisions.

Top it all off, I’m a few years behind in my career. I have less experience, less income earning years, and less opportunity. Not because of ineptitude but simply less time on target.

So there it is the crux of age in relationships: kids, debt, and income. I could also say maturity but often couples in relationships love each other for their personalities. It’s these other factors – life factors – that get in the way.  Add in a dose of ineffectual culture and nascent sexism and you have a confusing mixture that definitely puts a strain on the ego.