Here at the threshold of Spring – by Daniel Ibanez


Here at the threshold of Spring…

This little concept study is about the state of my inner-life, and its coming out of a harsh and frozen wilderness 유니티 웹 다운로드.

Photoshop painting found via Google+


A previous piece by Daniel – winter watercolor


Winter watercolor – a beautiful illustration of a pretty girl

Pen, ink, watercolor 다운로드. Winter inspired ink drawing for the cold days that have dominated our December.

This drawing is based on one of my student assistants. It is a relatively quick portrait sketch 다운로드.

The fun part is working with a model that has large expressive-eyes. The addition of a “fur” neck-warmer seemed to balance out the drawing and help it feel finished 워크 영웅키우기 다운로드.

In the end, I decided to add watercolor because I goofed up a few of the ink strokes and I wanted another element to minimize the importance of the wayward marks 응답하라 1988 13화 다운로드!

(the inked area is about 12 x 18 inches)

Daniel Ibanez