Stereotypes in Europe – hardest working, most corrupt

Among the usual questions about attitudes to the euro and the European Union, people in eight nations (Britain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain) were asked which country in the European Union is the hardest-working.

The Greeks ignored the obvious answer (Germany) and instead nominated themselves. (The other seven nations all plumped for Germany, as the table shows.) Yet Greek perception is not quite as misaligned with reality as it seems. Greece does actually work the longest hours in Europe…However, as any economist will tell you, working longer does not equate with higher productivity, and Greece’s productivity is relatively low.

via Economist Daily Chart


Also, very interesting to look at the “most corrupt” column where Italy dominates, but four countries consider themselves the most corrupt (even the Italians).

Most popular video of 2011 for the Czech Republic – their president steals a pen

This video is hilarious. Watch him as he looks at the pen, puts it in one hand, transfer it to other, put it in his pocket, smile, then button up his jacket and give the peace sign to someone in the crowd.

From a report:

A video clip showing the¬†Czech Republic’s president pocketing¬†a ceremonial pen encrusted with semi-precious stones while his Chilean counterpart praises him during a Latin American visit.

“All I have to say is, it is not a pen but just a stylus,” Klaus himself said on Tuesday, adding that he takes things all the time.

He said he had a pen from a Nato summit in October and a notepad from the Latvian parliament. “It is what people do regularly. They keep notepads and pens from such events,” he said.

via The Guardian

Klaus the Klepto?