25 things…

You may or may not know about Steve aka the @robotchampion:

  1. He wears black socks to gym. Somehow he manages to make this look good.
  2. He wears a pink sweatshirt with a lion on it and doesn’t understand why guys hit on him.
  3. He’s completely monogamous.
  4. He is an office lady-charmer.
  5. He does get jealous but tries to never let it show.
  6. When he’s really excited, he says “omigod!” with a Brooklyn accent.
  7. When it comes to our relationship, he has repose. I’ve been with him after his car’s been towed, while I’m freaking out about how closely he is driving behind another car on the beltway on route to the WIRE/ICES conference, and after I’ve yelled at him for failing to communicate with me – and he did not respond with the typical human knee jerk response of anger or aggravation.
  8. When he’s stressed or completely engrossed in figuring out something, he gnaws on his fingers.
  9. He likes to touch – almost like a blind person communicating through his fingers (I think this is why he loves Apple products so much).
  10. He denied my advances not once but twice and is the only man (that I recall) who has done this.
  11. He’s able to organize virtually anything in a wiki (and is known as “Wiki Steve” by colleagues).
  12. He is insecure about his body.
  13. He’s intimidated by pretty girls.
  14. He cried upon receiving churros at the Mexico/California border and during Obama’s acceptance speech.
  15. In California, he was a boogie board surfer, not a long board surfer.
  16. He will be an amazing father.
  17. He loves that he gets the pretty girls and guys have no idea why.
  18. He intentionally asked me to hold his passport at the airport b/c he knew my ex always handled everything, including the holding of the passports and was psychologically challenging my historical construct of relationships.
  19. He’s an incredible teacher – one of the best I’ve seen.
  20. He has an amazing family (and his brother Spence is quite possibly one of the coolest, most “truest” people I’ve ever met).
  21. Sometimes he’s afraid of me.
  22. He feels so deeply that he’s trained himself not to.
  23. He’s the only man besides my dad who I never get bored talking to and is able to throw humor at me from left field.
  24. He thinks I will somehow help him become President of the United States.
  25. I met Steve the day after I had given back my engagement ring to my then fiancée. It was a point in my life when everything was in flux and I knew what needed to change and where I wanted to go but I wasn’t sure how. I had spent too much time trying to please other people, to be something I wasn’t or didn’t want to be, and without trying, by just being himself, Steve showed me how to be me. I am who I am today because of him.

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  1. Maybe he saves those knee jerk anger things for me. Well he did. Steve and I used to get into some intense and loud debate. We later came to terms that wasn’t smart for either of us. And we respected it and became better friends for it.

  2. I think everyone should know that for #2, my sweatshirt is pink and says “Friday!” on it. Tho I wear it any day of the week. My other one has a lion on it, he’s ginormous, and my mommy bought him for me.

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