Men can wear shorts (and dress shorts with blazers, dress shirts, & brogues)

A fun article from the N.Y. Times, asking should men wear shorts?

“No, no. I’m a grown-up.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by many style arbiters: men of a certain age and distinction, the thinking goes, cannot wear shorts and be taken seriously. This applies not only to the workplace, but also in social settings.

I find myself battling this essential summer question, to go shorts or not?

Making the article a delightful read, especially when it get’s serious by bringing in the fashion industry. It appears that “dress shorts” are surging in popularity.

They are “worn with summer blazers and gingham shirts” or “a suit jacket with a great pair of brogues or a desert boot.”

Then, going back into pre-Victorian style, saying that men used to wear Capri’s (breeches) that showed off the calf muscle, “it was part of a code of masculine beauty to have a perfect leg.”

Thankfully, that is gone but two things that haven’t, and the fashion world considers nasty, are long shorts (anything below the knee) and socks.


(photo: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images)

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