When it arrives in Los Angeles, Space Shuttle Endeavour, will slowly ‘commute’ through the city

Another epic journey for the retirement of a space shuttle. This one is Endeavour and it is destined for Los Angeles. It will arrive at the airport, LAX, on September 20, where it will be moved through heart of the city to the California Science Center.

This will be the first time a spacecraft has been moved through a city and it should be quite a spectacle.

Moving the shuttle — which measures 57 feet tall at the tip of the tail and has a wingspan of 78 feet — will be no easy task. Trees will be pruned back or taken out. Power lines will be raised. Traffic signals will be removed.

At its top speed, the transporters carrying the shuttle will travel about 2 mph along the city streets.

full story – Space shuttle Endeavour to make 12-mile trek on L.A. streets


Bathed in xenon lights, space shuttle Endeavour, is attached to its external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters for its last mission, March, 2011. (NASA/Jim Grossmann)

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