Video game trailers rival Hollywood in artistry and star power

Gamers have high expectations for the previews, which is not surprising considering the video game industry now rivals Hollywood in artistry, pulls a fair amount of star power, and makes considerably more money than the movies.

Though dozens of video games (and the creative minds behind them) will be honored at the Video Game Awards Saturday night, the real stars of the event will be the trailers.

Spike is debuting 10 trailers for highly anticipated games at the ninth annual VGAs, among them Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, The Amazing Spider-Man video game and the mysterious new PlayStation 3 title, teased online as The Last of Us.

Call of Duty trailer w/ Sam Worthington, Dwight Howard, and a skinny Jonah Hill

Check out many more at the Hero Complex from LA Times

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