Transparent Aluminum from Star Trek – yeah we’ve had that since 1981

The material, called aluminum oxynitride (AlON), or transparent aluminum is used to make bulletproof windows in armored cars 경마게임.

Here’s the story:

The scene, as written, seems to imply that Scotty is talking about some fancy way of making metallic aluminum into a transparent form 강철의 열제. Which ain’t happening. What has happened, however, (and in fact what was happening in research circles at least as far back as 1981) is the development of a transparent aluminum-based ceramic called aluminum oxynitride, aka “AlON,” that sounds a heckuva lot like the stuff Scotty is peddling 프린트 스크린 다운로드. In fact, Star Trek IV came out in 1986, and it’s entirely likely that one of the film’s six (!) credited writers got wind of transparent aluminum from then-ongoing publicity about AlON, and decided to use it in the script 다운로드.

AlON can do amazing things. Here, for instance, a 1.6″ thick AlON plate successfully resists a huge, powerful .50 AP bullet that smashes easily through more than twice that thickness of conventional laminated glass armor:


Keep reading to learn how AlON is madeMake: Transparent Aluminum

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