The seal looked just like a man

…and it freaked me out!

No kidding. I’m sitting in the water and I turn around: there are two human-looking heads staring right at me. Their heads are smooth like slicked back hair. I blink once, twice and then it occurs to me…they’re not human.

Yet we are still staring at each other. It’s one of those moments where wildlife meets human life and time stands still. We share the same thought and emotion…a “what the hell are you doing here!” moment.

Then I panic and take the next wave coming at me. As I ride down, I see them disappear underwater. Thoughts of seal attacks flood my brain even though there is no reason for a seal to attack me.

In a few moments I’m on the shore and the panic subsides. I feel like a big fool 🙂

from a 1936 publication:

The Harbour Seal is a very intelligent animal, and when alarmed, it has a curious habit of standing upright, with its head just above the water, in order to take observations. At such times its appearance is singularly like that of a man, and it is quite probable that the old legends of mermaids and mermen arose from seeing Seals in this position. The eyes are large, very full, and dark in colour, and the animal has an unexplained habit of opening and closing its nostrils.

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