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Morgan Maassen is possibly the world’s most talented surf photographer. All you have to do is look at these shots and you will be impressed. He is also a past winner of the Follow the Light Foundation.

Here are 8 of his images pulled from his public Facebook page, where you can find tons more. He can also be found at:


Morgan: “It’s time to go surfing, part II. Catherine & Ellie, Hawaii.” (image: Facebook)


Morgan: “Hanging out in Perth, Western Australia.” (image: Facebook)


Morgan: “An artist and his canvas. Ryan Lovelace, Santa Barbara.” (image: Facebook)


Morgan: “Dane Peterson, walking on water in Noosa, Australia.” (image: Facebook)


Morgan: “Tunnel vision. Somewhere uncharted, Fiji.” (image: Facebook)


Morgan: “A sliver of light caught during an intense winter storm. Rincon, California.” (image: Facebook)


Morgan: “Surf check on a blustery morning in what i consider to be the most beautiful place in the world, Western Australia…” (image: Facebook)

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