An airplane is retired every 17 hours – one man decides to recycle one, turns it into a home

“Humanity is not yet discovering how to use these glorious birds,” Bill Campbell.


Bill Campbell opens one of nine exits in the Boeing 727-200 that he converted into a home in rural Hillsboro, Oregon. He acquired the jet (for $100,000) at the end of its flying life from Olympic Airways in Greece, had it flown from Athens to Oregon, and finally towed to his land.



The rear staircase serves as the primary entry to the home.



Campbell relaxes on the futon that serves as couch and bed. The cabin’s interior is about 130 feet long by 12 feet wide (1,560 sq ft).



The cockpit view is dominated by a large walnut tree, left over from the land’s previous use as a walnut orchard.


See the rest of the photos and read the full story: NBCNews – Lifelong Layover

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