New 'Avengers' trailer – a scene-by-scene breakdown of the new footage

Just a few days ago, a new Avengers trailer was released, containing awesome footage:

  • Hulk catching Iron Man in mid-air
  • Three-way fight between Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Pretty exciting if you’re a casual fan (watch the trailer below), but if you can’t get enough…

Then check out these scene-by-scene breakdowns of the new footage – 21 screen captures and descriptions.

Once you’re done with go on to the next dissection of the trailer from October – 22 screen captures and follow-along descriptions.


Avengers – trailer 2 – released Feb 29, 2012


All of the trailers are easily viewed at the Avengers Facebook page and also check out the prologue (6-minute video) for the Dark Night Rises

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