Hey, nice sparkly pants – reddit has a new CEO – Yishan Wong

Hi everyone. My name is Yishan Wong, and this week I’m starting a new job. It turns out that this job is the CEO position at reddit.

At first, I didn’t really quite believe I was a serious candidate. It didn’t seem real, and I knew that I didn’t match the profile of what you might consider (or so I thought) a CEO candidate. I don’t have the polish and the poise and the schmoozing, and I don’t play golf.

Instead, I’m an engineer and a leader of engineers and I play Starcraft (poorly). But as I continued the conversations, I came to understand that reddit wasn’t looking for a conventional CEO candidate, because reddit is not a conventional company.

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Some notes from the guaranteed to make-you-laugh comments:

CEO of reddit – Job Description:

  • Must like cats
    • must not dislike cats
      • Yishan: Cats are good. But, as it happens, I am a rabbit person. I used to have three pet rabbits (though one by one, they each passed on, but not before having lived a happy and carrot-and-raisin-filled life). I’ll try to find some pictures somewhere.
        • I think you ought to dress the rabbits up as cats. Just to be safe.

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