Fun facts of the Oscars…nineteen nominations for playing the king/queen of England?

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19 Nominations for actors playing kings and queens of England


$325,000 – Cost of It Happened One Night (Best Picture, 1935)


$237 million – Cost of Avatar (Best Picture nomination, 2010—it lost)


23 – Best Picture nominees in which Bess Flowers appeared, the most of any actor (and she was an extra in all 23 films)


5 minutes – Length of shortest Oscar ceremony (1929)


4 hours 23 minutes – Length of longest Oscar ceremony (2002)


16 Best Picture winners set in New York

  1. The Broadway Melody
  2. The Great Ziegfeld
  3. You Can’t Take It With You
  4. Going My Way
  5. The Lost Weekend
  6. Gentleman’s Agreement
  7. All About Eve
  8. Marty
  9. The Apartment
  10. West Side Story
  11. Midnight Cowboy
  12. The French Connection
  13. The Godfather
  14. The Godfather, Part II
  15. Annie Hall
  16. Kramer vs sourceforge. Kramer


2 Best Picture winners set in Los Angeles

  1. Million Dollar Baby
  2. Crash


And, twenty-two more quirky facts at – Oscar by the Numbers

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