Biomimicry at the zoo – San Diego Zoo creates a Centre for Bioinspiration

Science look to nature for innovation, via BBC News:

San Diego Zoo in California has opened a Centre for Bioinspiration, which aims to take ideas from nature to see if they can be applied to solve human issues 다운로드.

The concept is known as biomimicry.


Examples of biomimicry, from Xconomy:

Mirasol display technology…generates colors…by mimicking the interference of reflected light by microscopic scales on the iridescent surface of the morpho butterfly’s wings 다운로드.

—San Diego’s Biomatrica has developed DNA and RNA preservation technology based on anhydrobiosis, a dehydration process that occurs in nature with brine shrimp and other organisms 노브레인 mp3.


Fascinating stuff. More examples can be found at San Diego Zoo’s – Biomimicry in Action 우분투 16.04 이미지 다운로드.


// Image – Biomimicry in Action