39 New Scientific Concepts That Everyone Should Understand


Deep time

The belief that there is much more time before us than has already elapsed. This creates a more expansive view of the world and the potential of the universe 다운로드.

“Our sun is less than halfway through its life. It formed 4.5 billion years ago, but it’s got 6 billion more years before the fuel runs out.”

Contingent superorganisms

“Biologists have joined with social scientists to form an altruism debunkery society” — pushing the belief that every altruistic act is done in self-interest 다운로드.

But a new concept, “contingent superorganisms,” says that we live life on a few different hierarchies. The idea is that when you reach a higher level, you are willing to put the success of the group or a higher cause above one’s own 다운로드. This is what drives militaries, fire departments, and rock bands.

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지니 모션 t 1000 다운로드

How do octopuses navigate?

One researcher, Jennifer A. Mather, wondered: how do octopuses navigate? Do they rely on chemotactile sensory information (i.e 스트림 다운로드. movement based on chemicals in the environment), or do they orient towards visual landmarks?

Octopuses occupy “homes” for several days or in some instances for several weeks, and when they go out looking for food, they are sometimes gone for several hours at a time fobs. Therefore, they must use some sort of memory to find their way back home.

Many molluscs use trail-following, and follow their own mucus trails, or the trails of others 찬송가 무료 다운로드. You might expect that octopuses use trail-following as well, since they forage by using chemotactile exploration – at least four different types of receptors on their suckers gather chemical and tactile information as they move along the rocky seafloor 일곱개의 다운로드.

However, many other species use visual scene recognition to aid in navigation: ants, bees, gerbils, hamsters, pigeons, and even humans, use visual landmarks to navigate around their environments msdn windows 7. Since octopuses use visual information to distinguish among different objects, they could use visual landmarks to get home as well.

To find out the researchers performed a series of experiments, testing chemicals, memory, and navigation 음식남녀 다운로드. See what they learned – Scientific American 다운로드.


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