25 things…

*a response to 25 things… by Amy Senger*

You may or may not know about the Bear aka the @sengseng:

  1. If you are lucky enough to see her right when sunlight enters the room, she smiles and giggles like a blissful child
  2. She cannot drive in peace, instead she requires madonna and or loud dance music which she then dances in her seat to
  3. She doesn’t need to but drives a total beater
  4. If she puts her hair up and tight then no one recognizes her
  5. She uses that deception trick to her advantage
  6. When she kisses me I secretly open my eyes and watch her, she sticks her lips out, chin up, and has a perfect smile
  7. She is afraid of commitment
  8. She has an undying need for growth
  9. She achieves the amazing but fears the simple
  10. She believes in energy and gets really, really bothered when people with bad energy are messing up her energy
  11. She obsessively cleans up her workspace (but her car is always a total mess)
  12. She may not know how to “settle down”
  13. If you put her in a room for more than 10 minutes her leg will start thumping and she will start finding anyway to leave the room
  14. When it comes to our relationship, she inspires me and makes calm me
  15. She has a ginormous but
  16. She sends me secret naughty texts
  17. She is crazy about her niece, Sarah
  18. After I professed my love to her, she talks to me in a calm voice I have never heard before
  19. We were friends for 3 years until a road trip and a lot of talk about When Harry Met Sally passed
  20. I can see the center in her and I love it
  21. We have a calendar that tracks her period so I can tell when to prepare for the worst and best
  22. Amy has an amazing vision, eagle eye senger. This is true physically (like spotting things far away) and mentally (she can see and make things happen that others cant)
  23. She says Im the only man to ever reject her
  24. She throws things at me when I am purposely making her mad
  25. She is beautiful inside and out

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