WordPress upgrades to ‘intelligent proofreading’ for spelling, grammar, and style suggestions

I have to say this is pretty amazing. The WordPress blogging platform now offers artificial intelligence for proofreading, and we’re not talking any old spell checker 외장하드 다운로드.

Here is what this “intelligent proofreading” covers:

  • Bias language
  • Clichés
  • Complex phrases
  • Diacritical marks
  • Double negatives
  • Hidden verbs
  • Jargon phrases
  • Passive voice
  • Phrases to avoid
  • Redundant phrases


I bet this already exist in MS Word or Apple Pages, but I’ve never seen this on the web 다운로드. It is taking my editing to a whole new level…in color:

The proofreading feature checks spelling, misused words, grammar, and style 포레이저 다운로드. You can tell the type of error by its color.

  • Misused words and spelling errors are red
  • Grammar mistakes are green
  • Style suggestions are blue


For anyone who self-publishes on the web this is “just what the doctor ordered.” There is only so many times you can proofread your own content 다운로드.

A little research shows that this feature is available using the JetPack plugin and comes from the technology After the Deadline which was purchased by WordPress 다운로드.


An example:


Also, if you’re worried about what technology is doing to teachers and education, here is a great read, Don’t Confuse Technology with Teaching 다운로드.


It’s still not as good as having a teacher sharepoint designer 2007! (image: quinn.anya)

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