The two-step password movement continues – Dropbox joins in

The push towards two-step passwords and better security continues.

Dropbox trials two-factor authentication beta

A few weeks ago, when Dropbox users began reporting that their emails had been leaked to spam lists, Dropbox made some security changes and promised it would bolster its security measures further Getthemall download. The company has now made good on its promise, rolling out the beta version of a two-factor authentication system over the weekend.


Visit the link above for instructions on how to enable two-factor authentication 인코더 다운로드.

I am a big fan of extra security for everything. I have two-factor authentication with my bank, PayPal, and in all my Google accounts Mx player download. It’s good to see more companies beefing up our consumer security options.



(image: Michael Lee/ZDNet)

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