Save the Sea Otters!

I know you have a favorite animal. Mine is the Sea Otter!

These furry little creatures are smart and devilish. They have pouches like kangaroos where they store their toolset 다운로드. After diving to the bottom for some tasty crustaceans they head back to the surface and lay on their backs to crack open their delights (using the tools!) 다운로드. They’re super smart which means they have loads of free time for high jinks.

baby sea otter

To see them you have to visit west coast since they only inhabit the northern Pacific Ocean 다운로드. There discovery by the early explorers brought about an international market in Otter pelts. The story since then has been the same old one of decline 프린터 드라이버 다운로드. It does end with some good news including an internatioanl ban in hunting and a population recovery.

That makes me proud but also serves as a constant reminder 무료 배경음악 다운로드. I live zero waste, reduce my water use, walk more, and eat at farmers markets because of these little guys. I love them so much they make me cry and the thought of them in pain makes me angry 다운로드!

Did You Know:

– Sea otters have the world’s densest fur—up to a million hairs per square inch! (You have 100,000 hairs or less on your whole head.)

– Sea otters live in loose-knit groups called rafts 다운로드. Otters in rafts often sleep side-by-side, wrapped in strands of kelp so that they don’t drift far from each other.

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