San Diego's Seal Harbor first pup of 2012 – a 2-day old seal puppy

Provided with love and nurturing from his Mommy, premature puppy “Baby Miracle” continues to thrive on the second day after his birth.

Born sometime during the night one day ago, Baby Miracle, premature and an estimated 10 pounds under the average birth weight of a healthy Harbor Seal puppy, is none the less, the first live birth of the Casa Beach Harbor Seal Pupping Season.

Several long days lie ahead for this little puppy, if not more so, due to his low birth weight and under development wherein he will receive only 3 sips of milk from his Mommy every 4 hours until the arrival of his first bowel movement two days from now.

On occasion during this interval, his own Mommy will need to resort to seemingly abusive behavior in order to keep her little puppy stimulated enough from falling asleep too deeply and never waking up again.

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