Norway proving the future of hydrogen vehicles

Photo via Engaget

A team of Norwegian drivers recently crossed Europe in a pair of hydrogen-powered cars using only existing hydrogen fueling infrastructure Download the dubbing version of The Cheonro Station.

The Oslo to Monte Carlo trip hit the record books as the longest a hydrogen-fueled vehicle has ever travelled using only fuel from permanent hydrogen filling stations 나랜디 4.0. Other cars have circumnavigated the globe and crossed North America, but did so with fuel trucks in tow 다운로드. This team made the 1404 mile journey over the course of five days with a pair of Hyundai iX35 FCEVs, and never once ran out of fuel.

The journey was the brainchild of Zero Emissions Resource Organization (ZERO), a Norwegian advocacy group that promotes fuel cells, EVs and other green technology 다운로드. It highlighted just how far ahead of the rest of the world Europe’s hydrogen infrastructure is, and also how much more work needs to be done before hydrogen becomes a viable fuel source for vehicles 구글 드라이브 이전 버전. // via @WIRED

On a side note: I personally know of a businessman who bought real estate and secured approval to build a hydrogen fueling station in Maryland several years ago 다운로드. He was subsequently offered several million more dollars over the cost of building the station by a prominent gasoline company to NOT build the station 다운로드. Alas, he took the deal and the station wasn’t built. 

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