Julie Goldstein’s beautiful woodcut prints


A friend introduced me to Julie Goldstein’s art and I am totally blown away. I love the strong colors, proportions and simple iconic images.

From her bio:

Julie’s art practice draws inspiration from the natural environment, the sea, surf culture, and experience from her travels. In multimedia works on paper and fabric, she mixes lithographic and woodcut printmaking techniques with sewing embroidery, and other traditional “women’s arts” – the result is a hybrid, contemporary style with urban motifs and lively depictions of friends and family.

“I carry small blocks of pine and poplar with me wherever I travel – these serve as drawing surfaces on which to quickly record the changing environment around me. I relish the tactile process of incising and carving the image onto the wooden surface.”


It also says that she loves to swim and you can tell in every piece. Enjoy!

You can find her work:




(image: Facebook)


(image: Julie Goldstein)


The Cardiff Classic is coming up on Oct 27! (image: Facebook)


(image: Julie Goldstein)


Swim With Me! ((image: Julie Goldstein)

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