Every major federal agency is now using Social Media – 125 in total

Every major federal agency is now using Twitter and YouTube and 23 of the 24 major agencies are on Facebook.

The Nuclear Regulatory Agency — the only major agency reported as not using any of the three major social networking sites in a June 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office — joined Twitter in August 2011 and launched a YouTube page a month later 입사지원서 다운로드.

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“The NRC has no plans to get on Facebook in the immediate future…”

Now, don’t judge, the world isn’t coming to an end 마인크래프트 자바 에디션. This is citizenship 2.0 and these are public agencies. Meaning that they are here to help us. What better way than to share information on the internet 예스맨 프로젝트 다운로드?

If you add in the minor agencies the federal government is pretty busy:

A total of 125 on Twitter, 114 on Facebook, 85 on YouTube, 44 on Flickr, 4 on FourSquare, 4 on Google+, and 2 on Pinterest 다운로드.

And, in case you were wondering, the most popular agencies on Twitter:

  1. NASA – 2.16 million followers
  2. Smithsonian – 651,000
  3. FCC – 480,000
  4. Justice Dept – 465,000
  5. Peace Corps – 451,000


Data pulled from: Government Social Media Wiki & Federal Social Media Index


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