Crackpots (and me) are seeing aliens in the Mars rover pictures

Hilariously fun – Where’s Waldo for the Martian-minded.


Mars Photos by Curiosity Rover Teeming with ‘UFOs’

According to the fringe sector of the Internet, Mars is practically teeming with aliens 명화 이미지.

Since NASA’s Curiosity rover touched down on the Red Planet two weeks ago and powered up its cameras, it has already managed to photograph several alleged UFOs and other “anomalies” in the surrounding landscape 다운로드.

From classic flying saucers to an absurdly out-of-place fossilized human finger, here’s a rundown of what UFO believers claim to have found in Curiosity photos so far 다운로드. [Gallery of Mars ‘UFO’ Photos]


Can you spot the fingernail 아마존 비디오 다운로드?

(image: Life’s Little Mysteries)


// Thx – Linda Lawrey (fun comments too!)

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