5 hilariously ridiculous things that show up in every comic book

#5 Pained Corpse Gripping

Nothing is more traumatic in the world of comic books than destroying acres and acres of residential and commercial real estate for years on end, only to have one of your friends die in the process. Look how sad Cyclops is in this picture. He’s so sad, he’s lost control of his eye beams, which I think he controls in the way you or I might control a fart. Like it’s there and he can hold it in most times but if he pushes, there it goes. He just grief farted out of his eyes.




#4 So many utility belts

Batman¬†famously has a utility belt that has come in handy in literally any and every situation in which just being Batman wasn’t enough. He has Bat Shark Repellent..it’s OK for him to have the damn belt. Not so much for other characters, but if there’s one thing comics, especially in the ’90s and early 2000s, proved, it was that artists love pouches so much.


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