Zero Waste: stopping all that stupid junk mail

Unfortunately, we live in a world where junk mail is still profitable. That means it is nearly impossible to stop 100% of it, but you can take a big step towards Zero Waste with some simple steps 다운로드.

CalRecycle has put together a list of companies you can contact online to get off the mailing lists:

  • Catalog Choice (for phone books)
  • RedPlum (junk mail coupons)
  • DMA (catalogs, magazines, insurance and credit card offers)

I submitted to all these years ago and my junk mail has gone way down 다운로드. I actually miss getting mail sometimes!!

Of course, this doesn’t get those mailers that don’t have your name on them. You know the ones sent to “resident” 다운로드.

You can get some of those by writing/calling the following “list brokers” and ask to be placed in their “suppress” files, again from CalRecycle:


  • Donnelley Marketing, Inc 다운로드.– (800) 223-7777
    • 470 Chestnut Ridge Rd. – Woodcliff , NJ 07677
  • Donnelley Marketing, Inc.– (888) 633-4402
    • Data Base Operations – 416 South Bell – Aimes, IA 50010
  • Experian– (800) 228-4571
    • List Maintenance – 901 West Bond – Lincoln, NE 68521


Lastly, you can contact the specific business that continually send you something 알투비트 다운로드. For example, I bought a used car at a Honda dealership 10+ years ago. I still get mailings from them about their sales.

Sometimes they put a phone number/address on the mailing about how to get off 핸드폰에 음악 다운로드. If not, you just have to call them and complain, they will take you off.

It all sounds like a lot of work but it is worth it. Do it once and it pays off for years 전국 지도 다운로드. Honestly, I am amazed at how much junk mail my parents and friends continue to receive. I just don’t think about it anymore because it is out of my life (and that is kind of awesome) 다운로드.


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Environmentalist, and wealthy cofounder of Burt’s Bees, fights to create America’s next National Park

Burt’s Bees cofounder Roxanne Quimby wants to hand the government a new national park in northern Maine—election-year politics and residents’ NIMBYism be damned 다운로드. Brian Kevin investigates the boldest conservation plan in decades.

Technically, this Idaho-shaped chunk of land, which contains a 30-mile stretch of the International Appalachian Trail, is known as the East Branch Sanctuary 세계테마기행 다운로드. But around Millinocket it’s simply referred to as “Quimby’s land.” The self-made millionaire owns it, along with 119,000 acres of other timber-company lands that she started buying up back in 2000, when Burt’s Bees was raking in about $23 million a year 다운로드. Her plan was to give the property to the National Park Service, thereby galvanizing other donations that would eventually establish a 3.2-million-acre wilderness in the last great undeveloped region east of the Rockies 다운로드.

But the campaign stalled out of the gate. Public land is a tough sell in northern Maine, where residents are accustomed to hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and cutting timber 마이펫의 이중생활 자막. Many didn’t cotton to the rhetoric of a wealthy environmentalist; others feared that the proposed park would spell the end of the region’s struggling paper mills 다운로드.

But a dozen years and a few hundred Ban Roxanne bumper stickers later, Quimby is back with more practical ambitions. Last spring she announced plans for a dramatically reduced 74,000-acre Maine Woods National Park just east of Katahdin, carved entirely from her own property 다운로드. And thanks to better diplomacy and a new emphasis on economic benefit, Quimby is beginning to win hearts and minds.


The uncut storyThe Fight to Create America’s Newest National Park



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