Netflix updates web player – slick controls and extra features

If you watch movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix on your PC or Mac you may have noticed that we have updated our Web video player 좋은피자 위대한피자 pc 다운로드. We’ve refreshed the look of the existing features and added some new functionality.

Some of the new features include:

  • You can view season/episode information and change to the next episode when watching a TV show
  • The size of the controls now scales, making it easier to use the player on large screens, for example if you connect your computer to your TV
  • Similarly, the player will scale down to smaller windows, which is useful if you want to watch something while working in another window 이클립스 git 다운로드.
  • Pausing the video now shows more information about the title

In our new player, we’ve consolidated controls into one line. We’re also using icons instead of words (see image below) Visual Studio 2012.

Perhaps the biggest change is to the ‘Back to Browse’ option, which used to sit at the bottom right of the old control bar 다운로드. We’ve moved this up to the top of the screen and to the left. It’s now an arrow icon and text will explain its functionality when you hover over the arrow with your mouse 다운로드.

via Netflix Blog


And, more detail from Janko Roettgers:

Additional episodes of a TV show can be previewed right from within the player, even in full-screen mode 다운로드.

The player makes way for additional information, lightbox-style, when paused for a few seconds 다운로드.

Wyland skins for your phone, laptop, & tablet


I’m a big fan of Wyland and would love to get one of these for my Mac 다운로드.

“Wyland skins are the ultimate way to show your love for the ocean while protecting your electronics at the same time!”




View them all or buy oneSkinit: Capture the wonder of the oceans

도도 고스톱 다운로드

Amazon releases a Kindle competitor to Instapaper, Pocket

There is a booming market for apps that allow you to read while offline. The two most popular of these apps, Instapaper and Pocket, let you save an article for later like on an airplane or in your underground nuclear bunker 스타 w런처 다운로드.

Now, Amazon is entering the game by offering the same service for the Kindle. A new app for Mac and PC allows you to “Send to Kindle” and then read on your e-reader or on a smartphone/tablet 다운로드.

I think this gives the Kindle an edge in two big ways 다운로드. One, most of us are likely to carry our Kindle with us when going into non-internet zones. That’s why we bring it, to pass away those long hours with books, but now we may be able to do so with articles and blog posts as well 다운로드.

Two, we all know reading on an e-reader is preferable than doing so on the backlit displays of smartphones and tablets.

It will be interesting to see how this Kindle competition affects the market 다운로드. I always thought that Instapaper and Pocket had a niche market. They must be scared to see the 10-ton behemoth, Amazon, entering the fray.

Photos from inside Apple Headquarters

It’s the Chocolate Factory for tech nerds.

Search the web for “Apple HQ,” and most of the results you get will be pictures of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters — from the outside 거인의 어깨 어원맵. Usually with some fanboy standing next to the “1 Infinite Loop” sign. But what we really want to see is what’s inside the ultra-top-secret place where all our favorite gizmos are dreamed up 하이스쿨 뮤지컬 2 다운로드.

This discussion will be moot a few years down the road when Apple opens its gigantic new wheel-shaped campus. But for now, this is the ultimate Nerdvana 다운로드.

via Apple Gazette (w/ 20+ more photos)

Reception Desk
Wireless Testing Lab

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New Apple OSX adds share buttons for Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter – continuing to snub Facebook, Google

Apple’s decision to unfriend Facebook has turned out to be a boon for third-party social services that are now finding their way into Apple operating environments 이니페이 플러그인 128 다운로드. The biggest winner of them all is Twitter. 

In iOS 5, Apple integrated Twitter. And just like that the company saw “sign-ups more than double and the number of tweets sent increase over 90 percent,” according to Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter 다운로드.

Well, Twitter is about to get a yet another boost, thanks to the upcoming release of the latest version of Mac OS X, called Mountain Lion 다운로드.

Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo are some of the third-party services that will offered as part of new “share sheet” that allows you to share links, photos and videos directly from the app one is using on the Mac 파크라이 프라이멀 다운로드. (Interestingly, there is no YouTube in this share sheet?)

via GigaOm


The new "Share" button


The "Share Sheet" as it looks on iPhones, iPads

Apple, changing its ways after Steve via private product briefings

“We’re starting to do some things differently,” Phil Schiller said to me.

We were sitting in a comfortable hotel suite in Manhattan just over a week ago 다운로드. I’d been summoned a few days earlier by Apple PR with the offer of a private “product briefing”. I had no idea heading into the meeting what it was about 저작권 없는 음악 무료 다운로드. I had no idea how it would be conducted. This was new territory for me, and I think, for Apple.

The meeting was structured and conducted very much like an Apple product announcement event 유튜브 영어자막 다운로드. But instead of an auditorium with a stage and theater seating, it was simply with a couch, a chair, an iMac, and an Apple TV hooked up to a Sony HDTV 다운로드. And instead of a room full of writers, journalists, and analysts, it was just me, Schiller, and two others from Apple.

Handshakes, a few pleasantries, good hot coffee, and then, well, then I got an Apple press event for one 퍼스트퀸4 리메이크 다운로드.

via John Gruber

Perhaps, Phil Schiller is doing several of these to learn the craft of “product briefing” 다운로드?

We all know, from the Steve Jobs biography, that Steve spent a considerable amount of time perfecting his briefings and that skill came in very handy for Apple dur download.

1984 Apple Ad: " America, only a fraction can use a computer"

네이버 tv 1080p

Not much has changed…well there are 300 million people in America now..

photo via web designer depot

삼국지 11 리마스터 다운로드 사업계획서 샘플 다운로드 ummy video downloader 1.8 다운로드 shp 파일

Steve Jobs is a tweaker, according to his flawed biography

I’m hating the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. It’s like an art novice trying to explain Monet’s brushstrokes.

I’m not convinced that Mr 다운로드. Isaacson understands the topic all that well. It almost seems that he rushed the book out after Steve’s passing.

Finally, somebody respectable agrees with me, John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who calls the biography flawed:

Exhibit A in the case against Walter Isaacson’s flawed Jobs biography: Malcolm Gladwell in last week’s New Yorker, arguing that Jobs was “a tweaker” 인사이드아웃 더빙 다운로드.

Gladwell, alas, takes Isaacson’s portrait of Jobs at face value:

“In the eulogies that followed Jobs’s death, last month, he was repeatedly referred to as a large-scale visionary and inventor 다운로드. But Isaacson’s biography suggests that he was much more of a tweaker. He borrowed the characteristic features of the Macintosh — the mouse and the icons on the screen — from the engineers at Xerox PARC, after his famous visit there, in 1979.”

I suggest reading John’s full piece: Getting Steve Jobs Wrong

For me, it’s just a sign that my own feelings are justified 백발백중 apk. Anyone else out there feeling the same way?

Tim Cook: 5 things about Apple's new CEO

From the Onion:

New Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I’m Thinking Printers’

Following the resignation of Apple founder Steve Jobs, incoming CEO Tim Cook called a meeting…to announce that he envisioned printers as the company’s future. “Laser, ink-jet, double-sided, color, black-and-white—the future of technology is in printers. I am absolutely convinced of that…

Cook concluded his remarks by assuring investors the release of upcoming Apple products such as the iPhone 5 would be postponed for at least four years so the company could throw all its time and resources into the creation of high-quality printers for the home and office 스틱맨 다운로드.


It certainly touches on the fears that every Apple fanboy (myself included) harbors. So I ask, who is this guy, what is he like, and how is he likely to run the company?

Here are 5 quick insights to answer those questions:

1. He’s single (aka gay). An insightful article from Felix Salmon talks about the spicy world of gay executives 유튜브 영화 다운로드. How coming out can hurt the brand image while not doing so can get you into trouble. He still hasn’t come out yet and is officially listed as a lifelong bachelor, but there is a printing of him in Out magazine as the most powerful gay man in the world.

2. Jobsian Temperament. If there is anything you know Tim Cook for it is his famous rant on how Netbooks suck, back in 2009:

“When I look at netbooks, I see cramped keyboards, terrible software, junky hardware, very small screens 드롭 박스 오프라인 다운로드. It’s just not a good consumer experience and not something we would put the Mac brand on.”

To which Apple promptly released the 11-inch MacBook Air and then the iPad (definitely not Netbooks but directly competing with them).

It’s interesting to note that this comment occurred the last time Cook took over for Jobs as CEO.

A Forbes piece from 2008 discusses his personality, stating that his “default facial expression is a frown…his humor is of the dry variety…(and he) is cool, calm, and never, ever raises his voice” 다운로드. Which would give you the idea that he is the opposite of Jobs until you read this:

“Cook can be brutal in meetings. “I’ve seen him shred people…He asks you the questions he knows you can’t answer, and he keeps going and going. It isn’t funny, and it’s not fun.”

If these remarks are true then it’s easy to see why Jobs named him sucessor. Another “smartest person in the room” who is not afraid to cut through the crap for success 에스라인 다운로드.

3. The operations to my design. Cook is generally considered an operations genius. He famously cornered the market on flash memory from 2005 to 2010. He revolutionized Apple’s supply chain, modernized the retail stores, and took over Mac and iPhone telecom operations.

Yeah, when it comes to running the business he is it 토 도우 영상 다운로드. Filling in for Jobs greatest weakness, operations. The problem is that Cook’s own weakness’ are design and new products. One has to hope that he is aware of this and actively recruiting a snotty design genius to fill in his gaps.

4. Outside of work. He is the only Apple executive to sit on a board and he sits on Nike’s board of directors. Which means he wears Nike shoes to Jobs New Balance 오프라인 게임 다운로드. He does sport jeans like Jobs but thankfully no turtleneck, just a spiffy dress shirt.

After a ridiculous misdiagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis he is a fitness nut, to include cycling and riding in fundraisers for MS. To replenish himself he eats energy bars, a lot of them. Nearly every article talks about how he downs them like candy.

5. Southern charm 윈도우 10 순정 다운로드. Tim Cook grew up in Alabama and went to school in Alabama, at Auburn university. His office is said to be decorated with memorabilia from Tigers football (Auburn).

So you can see him live, here is a video of him giving the 2010 Commencement speech at Auburn.

Other 다운로드. He is rich, really rich. Last year his salary was more than $50 million (including benefits and stock options). But, that doesn’t matter because he has acquired several hundred million dollars worth of Apple stock in his 13 years at Apple. In his new post as CEO, the Board voted to give him one million shares, but they have to vest 다운로드. Half of them are his in 2016 and the other half in a decade.