Will books ever be the same again? – the best enhanced e-books of 2011 from iTunes Rewind

What is an enhanced book?

An enhanced book is an e-book that includes special features, such as:

  • Videos
  • Audio/music
  • Interactive sections (like animated maps)
  • Gigabytes of photos/illustrations
  • Multiple storylines with quests and achievements
  • Expanded annotations (like whole speeches)

They are designed for tablets like the Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad 해외 드라마 다운로드.

On a personal note, these books are endlessly fascinating to me. They remind me of the difference between the encyclopedia and Wikipedia. Page turning with indexes compared to clicking and searching 다운로드.

I grew up with encyclopedia sets but have since fallen in love with Wikipedia. Is it possible I will feel the same way about enhanced books compared to paper books 리눅스 ftp 파일?

Hard to say, but looking at the special features below this genre is here to stay.

Best Enhanced books of 2011 – iTunes Rewind

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F 다운로드. Kennedy

  • 22 minutes of video
  • They range from archival footage of Jacqueline Kennedy to recent videos of Caroline Kennedy and Michael Beschloss speaking about the book
  • The entire 8 ½-hour-long audio recording of Jacqueline’s interviews with Arthur Schlesinger, Jr 다운로드. is included, playable in sections at the beginning of each chapter
  • 85 photographs of the Kennedy family are included throughout the narrative
  • Complete transcripts of Jacqueline’s interviews allow readers to follow along with the audio recording
    • Accompanying annotations from leading presidential historian Michael Beschloss inform readers on political details of the era


    100 Yards of Glory: The Greatest Moments in NFL History

    • Bonus video produced by an Emmy–Award winning team, hosted by Bob Costas and featuring official NFL video highlights
  • Lavish illustrations and archival photographs.
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    The Year in Podcasts – best of 2011 from iTunes Rewind

    iTunes recently released their 2011 list in the form of iTunes Rewind which covers several categories, including podcasts 다운로드.

    Unfortunately, it’s not available online, only in iTunes, so I pulled it out for us.

    Best of All



    Best New Comedy

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    News & Politics

    Best New News/Politics

    Best News/Politics



    Best New Technology

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    Games and Hobbies

    Best New Games/Hobbies

    Best Games/Hobbies


    New Arts

    Best New Arts

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