Historical and Recreational Map of Los Angeles – by Jo Mora, 1942

“Historical and Recreational Map of Los Angeles,” designed by Jo Mora in 1942 and dedicated to his “buen amigo” Charles Lummis 다운로드. The map squeezes in an extraordinary amount of historical facts and figures onto its 23- by 30-inch surface, depicting almost the entire history of Los Angeles up to that point, while looking toward the future 다운로드.

Mora took a humorous approach to issues surrounding the tangled history of Los Angeles. The amount of detail is astounding, covering a huge spectrum – from the city’s water wars to the rise of the film industry 사의찬미 다운로드. Excerpts don’t do the map justice (you owe it to yourself to go look at the full size map at the exhibit), but observing the details reveals Mora’s keen understanding of the city 다운로드.

via KCET

Here are some excerpts from the map 다운로드.

The founding of the city:

“Sunshine and mañana + love and fandangos = a delightful Pacific Arcadia.”

“I hereby name this first subdivision in Alta California – Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula”


Population growth of L.A.:

“Please help me figure out what IS the matter with the L.A 다운로드. climate?”


The Beach and Conquistadores:

“Such different from our time…no?”

“Seguro que si (of course it is), but what muchachas!”

Top 50 Los Angeles homegrown bands!

This is awesome! The LA Times magazine released the 50 best Los Angeles bands.

Each with a YouTube video and open voting for the best LA band 토익스피킹 인강 다운로드. I’m viewing it on the iPad app, which is awesome (LA Times Magazine App), but you can also view it at latimesmagazine.com 유튜브 영상 파일 다운로드.

The cover everything from the Beach Boys to N.W.A. to The Doors, Van Halen, Chili Peppers, Tool, Rage, Toto, Linkin Park, Oingo Boingo, Weezer, Sublime, and more 다운로드.

Plus, my new favorite…Los Lobos…what is it about this song that I can’t get enough of?