"It's never too late to improve our health. There's a lot you can do"

“Take a proactive approach to active aging,” she recommended, noting there are simple preventive ways to slow down the progression of chronic health conditions, which in turn will allow people to lead more independent lives and lean less on informal caregivers 다운로드.

I found a great article on aging called, The self-reliant senior 닌텐도스위치 nsp 다운로드. Among the many points it covers the most important are that depression is a rising problem for those that are aging, and 80% have a chronic health issue 윈도우 익스플로러 다운로드.

This is definitely a part of the aging process but there are things that can be done. Quality of life improvements that help not only the parent but the child/caregiver 다운로드.

Here they are from the We Care – Get Going group of Canada:

Some of the simple things Canadians can do, the booklet points out, include:

  • Get eating 다운로드. As we age, our bodies change and so should our nutrition. Eat wisely. Plan and prepare healthy meals.
  • Get active. Walking, stretching and keeping your muscles in good condition can help you maintain your independence 아이맥 윈도우 다운로드.
  • Get involved. Give back to the community by volunteering -it’s good for you, those you help, and the community around you.
  • Get happy 다운로드. Depression and loneliness can be triggered by the death of a partner or close friend, physical illnesses and operations, and even certain medications 방탄소년단 뮤직비디오. That’s why staying socially connected is so important to healthy, active aging.
photo by Jon Rawlinson

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