Zero Waste: the recycled toothbrush

Here is another way to reduce your trash on your way to Zero Waste – the recycled toothbrush. It looks, acts, and feels like a normal toothbrush, but when you are done with it you replace the head instead of throwing the whole thing out 다운로드. You can buy replacement heads in packs of 3, 6 and it comes in sensitive, soft, and medium bristle strength. They’re usually completely recyclable and made of recycled materials 윤고딕 서체 다운로드.

It’s a rather genius idea and I’m not sure why it hasn’t caught on already. I’ve been using mine for nearly 3 years (the same brush) and have switched out the head several times 웃음소리 효과음 다운로드. Here is the brand I use:


Eco-Dent Terradent 31 Toothbrush



**Amazon sells a lot of recycled toothbrushes just be careful because some packages are in bulk sizes, like 6 toothbrushes, for markets/stores to buy.  


Here is another one that I’ve tried and works well:


Preserve Toothbrushes


There’s also a few options for kids toothbrushes:

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