The NPR Genome Project – customized public radio with the Infinite Player

In a way, radio is the perfect user interface. Turn it on, and It Just Works.

This week, NPR unveiled Infinite Player, a web app that mimics the simplicity of radio, but with a personalized twist youtube 60fps. Press play to hear the latest NPR newscast, followed by a never-ending playlist of random feature stories. It doesn’t stop till you turn it off, just like the radio 저 정시에 퇴근합니다 다운로드.

Optionally, click “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” while listening and a secret algorithm adapts to your preferences. If you like a science story, you’re likely to hear more science stories 다운로드. (The developers won’t divulge the recipe.)

Yep, it’s like Pandora for public radio.

via Nieman Journalism Lab

Check out the Infinite Player and remember it only works in Safari and Chrome 옥류체 다운로드.

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