In the internet era… pre-game Super Bowl commercials, live streaming, game-day art, ladies commercials

It’s been a fun week for football fans with all the hoopla and excitement. Here are the posts from 1X57 in build-up to the big game:


The internet era

“Things have changed” – in the internet era of the Super Bowl – “It used to be about a one time hit for 30 seconds or 60 seconds in the middle of the show. And increasingly we’re trying to create a sort of two-week buzz.”


Super Bowl commercials for women

How many commercials are directed at women?

Here’s one – David Beckham 360 underwear shot


Art of the Super Bowl

It is the 46th Super Bowl and every year an artist was commissioned to create the cover for the game-day program. Here they all are – The art of the Super Bowl program cover


Watch Live

“For the first time ever watch the Super Bowl live online.”


Pre-released commercials

Finally, the top 5 pre-game commercials:

  1. Ferris Bueller re-enacted by Matthew Broderick
  2. Chevy Sonic on a bungee chord
  3. Dogs bark in chorus for Star Wars, The Imperial March theme
  4. The dog is funnier than the Darth Vader kid
  5. Jerry Seinfeld really needs a car

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