I love The Vampire Diaries – a supernatural drama available on Netflix

You gotta love The Vampire Diaries. It has good vampires and bad vampires. Teen angst and beautiful people. Plus, lots of fun supernatural twists like witches and science fiction inventions.

The core of the story is a “vegetarian” vampire who falls in love and then brings the entire vampire world into this tiny little Virginia town. This includes his brother, who is demonic and fun, and all the vampire hunters you can imagine.

While the storyline seems to copy the Twilight series it is actually much older. Based on a book written fourteen years before Stephanie Meyer cooked up her plot. In fact, you have to wonder how much she directly copied to make her stunningly successful series.

What makes this show really click is producer Kevin Williamson. A native of the South, his production company is called Outerbanks Entertainment, he infuses the story with a balance of southern charm and fast paced action. Characters are introduced and then killed off so fast that it’s shocking…and fun.

I’m 22 episodes deep and starting to get others into it, but I can’t say much more than to give it a resounding two thumbs up. Otherwise, I’ll ruin the fun plotlines.

So, check it out on Netflix Instant Streaming and let me know what you think.

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